Beginning as well as other lampwork classes are offered in our new studio located behind our home.

The studio has three workstations set up with torches. Generally Nortel minor burners are used for beginning classes. Small classes ensure that everyone gets lots of individual attention.

Beginning class starts with a handout including all the information (and more) that is covered. We begin with an introduction to lampwork and some support organizations. Some of the links are shown below: - International Society of Glass Beadmakers - Lampwork Etc. - Wetcanvas

A discussion on safety is next and the most important part. Subsequently we will cover torches, fuels, annealing and different glass manufacturers. Then we will start by pulling stringer (smaller diameter rods from larger) and making twisties (actually twist different colors of glass together) to get the feel of the glass. Then students see a demo of making a round bead using heat and gravity to round the bead. As students work on making their beads, tips, hints and suggestions be offered as guidance to learn these new skills. Depending on the students progress, we can get into other techniques as the day goes on.

Classes generally run from 9am to 3pm and include your individual workstation torch, tools, glass, kiln time, etc. The all inclusive fee is $125 per person. A minimum of two students is needed, so bring along a friend. Class can be scheduled on any day. Classes can be held on two weekday evenings of three hours each.

Private lessons as well as specialty classes can also be arranged.