For over thirty years I have been working with glass in various forms, including stained glass, fusing and jewelry. Creating flamework beads for the last tvelve years was a natural transition into another aspect of working with glass. The day I turned on a torch for the first time, melted glass onto a mandrel and made my first wonky beads. I knew at that point I was addicted! There is something very magical for me in the transformation of sheets of glass into an object that transmits light and color as is the melting of glass rods in the flame and creating beads of all colors and shapes.

Predominantly, I use "soft glass" rods that are imported from Italy called Moretti/Effetre/Vetrofond glass. Additionally I use Bullseye from Portland, Oregon, Lauscha from Germany, CIM, and Czech glass. Some work is "hard glass", borosilicate, by Glass Alchemy and Northstar. A GTT Phantom torch that combines oxygen and propane is used to melt the glass to form the beads. Then they can be embellished with handmade twisties, stringers, latticino, silver, gold, copper foil, dichoric glass, or millefiore. All beads are cleaned and kiln annealed to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.

In Spring (2007) we were fortunate to combine all our glass art into our new studio located on our property. It is set up for teaching up to three students at a time for lots of one-on-one instruction in basic, intermediate, and specialty classes. I am a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, Self Representing Artists and the Rocky Mountain Flameworkers, our local group.

My husband, the Crazy Man of Crazy Woman Glass, and I have lived in Lakewood, Colorado for the last thirty-two years.

Crazy Woman Glass, Leslie Anne Bitgood, Lakewood, Colorado